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Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment: Overview

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Note: This product is no longer available for sale.

DIWE, a suite of collaborative tools designed to run on a local area network, helps students develop their skills in writing and critical thinking. The software includes six primary features:

Prewriting is a key stage of the writing process, but writers often lack effective invention strategies. Invent leads writers through a step-by-step process to help them explore their writing topics. In addition to the built-in prewriting prompts, instructors can create new prompts that best fit their curriculum, pedagogy, and students' needs.

Writers want to write, not process words. Write, a streamlined word processor with simple formatting and spell checking, allows writers to compose and revise standard academic essays without the distractions of complicated menus and options. It also includes a unique Concordance feature that can help guide revision.

Peer review is critical to revision, but peer reviewers sometimes struggle to generate effective feedback. Respond displays a writer's draft and guides a reviewer through a series of feedback prompts. The prompts build on leading-edge composition theory and practice, and instructors can create their own prompts as well.

Computer-mediated communication helps students collaborate at any stage of the learning and writing processes. Mail, an electronic bulletin board, enables students to post and read both public messages (for all the class) and private messages (for a single recipient).

Real-time computer-mediated communication has emerged as one of the most effective ways to encourage all students to write and participate more. InterChange is used for prewriting, discussions of course content and readings, and peer review workshops.

Correctly documenting sources is essential to effective academic writing, but many students find it a tedious process. BiblioCite greatly simplifies the task by providing simple forms where the students enter their bibliographic information; the program then generates properly formatted MLA Works Cited and APA References pages.

Overview | Details | Specifications

Note: This product is no longer available for sale.

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